My music has been rejected. It is already the third. Audio Jungle says it will help in the forum.

Can someone please give me some advice?
I would like to find the answer in the forum.

I am losing hope.

Genre children music

In my opinion here need to fix those things:

  1. Bass - a low mid part need to compress that more because it too much buzzes
  2. Ukulele is too mono and sounds boring because also not enough bright on the top
  3. Also need to fix snare tops (not enough bright), I also would like to add to the percussion a bit.
  4. The bell stands out too much from the mix and takes attention to itself (nothing should be distracting, this is important)
    In general, work with stereo (so that everything would not be so narrow in the center). Add brightness (so that the track is not muddy), bass compression(maybe it will be ok without compression when you will add more tops into the other instruments)

This is just my opinion. Good luck :slight_smile:

Perhaps it sounds a little flat. So I guess, it’s all about mixing.
In such cases, I just transfer everything to one of my previous projects that were approved and try not to touch anything there :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the attentive answers.
I will remember it well and try again.
Thanks, Aspheriq :smiley:

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That’s a good idea.
Thanks WhiteKoalaMusic :smiley:

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Mixing again. But
Because I missed the train, I decided to use it as free music.

A new version sounds much better, big up

Thank you
Thanks to Mr. Aspheriq, it helped me a lot.
I will always remember.(’’)(…)
Good luck to everyone.

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