My Motivation is Dying Fast!

I think it’s a very good point(and even necessary) if you already have sales, but if you have hard times the best way is to do your best(and fast) work.

Hello! I feel the same problem at this point, my sales have fallen sharply since the middle of last month. I do not complain, because I’m always looking for a positive way out of any difficult situation, but it is my main income now and I am trying to find an explanation that would decide that I need to correct. I often read this forum and read a lot of tips that really help me. But, of course, the advice does not solve the problem at all :slight_smile: Songs i make in different genres, so the comfort zone i have leave long time ago :slight_smile: and of course i have also my favorite genres. Exposure all my songs through social networks, Soundcloud e.t.c., made my own website to get more traffic, make often uploads for review, tune my AJ pages of each items (Yes, I have no time to sleep :slight_smile: and i love it ). But any way all my sales gone to a deep hole:) What can i do else?:slight_smile: Oh yes, forgot…May be sales fell because in the US now is a holidays?