My mandala has been rejected. Can you please explain. Why?

There are thousands of mandalas already on the market. Your mandala is to common and doesn’t have variations and colors.


Hi… Im not sure it will help or not but maybe you can add some detail to your mandala
Ex. the center part you add more lines or shapes so it wont look too empty since people usually will focus to the center part (or its only me) and you can also add more detail to the curved part
Also, maybe you can add more border(?) to your mandala

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I’m not an expert in graphic design, but because I like to color mandala’s in my spare time as a form of stress relief, I can tell you that this mandala is beautiful, but is a bit too simple :innocent:

You can add more details…a mandala like this can be easily obtained using a mandala generator action in Photoshop, so in order to be accepted on GraphicRiver, you have to make it more modern and professional; add more shapes, lines, curves. And yes, if you add color variations, it’s better, because it will be possible to use it for printing on t-shirts, books or other things.


Thank you. I really appreciate your time and feedback.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your time and feedback.

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hi if u as me the problem is that if u keep it like this , people who may buy it will have much of a hard time coloring it … this basically means, that according to me, u’d better do it in the first place , this would help potential buyers to edit the item … plus, from where i sit, it seems to me that the strokes are maybe a bit too thin (in particular comes a desire for someone to color it and that u do not do it in the first place)


Thank you so much. I really do appreciate your time and feedback.

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u are welcome, happy if it could help :slight_smile: