My main header logo to appear in smaller devices: ABANDONED

Hello there! I would like my main header logo to appear in smaller devices. Right now it is at a min: 1024px. I was looking to have it be shown maybe at smaller devices with a min: 700px. When the main logo changes to the sitcky logo, it also shrinks the menu on the right, which is ok to stay like that (the menu chaging part). I was wondering if could try the main logo to appear in smaller devices, while the menu still shrinks…

I am a little confused on how to even start with this one. My website is I have attached a screenshot too.

Thank you very much for your time! It is very appreciate on this end.

this changes will not be so simple. You have to chage all css belongs to header with min 1024px mean you have to remove those from 1024 and add those to more small devoces as like 767px.
Also you can check theme option if there any settngs to set px for header in small devices.

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Mmm. Ok. Thank you! I thought this may be too complex. I will probably just try it differently by changing the logo or something. Thanks a lot!!!

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