My logos reject and do not write comments!

Why are my logos reject or comment? At the same time taking a lot of illiterate work! What’s the matter?

Its looks really good & meaningful. i have same problem. don’t know what’s going :rage:

It is good, but has nothing special to bve honest

lol oh really ? well buddy let me tell something , as for me i see a lot items and logos on daily basis and i have not seen anything like his this far … when a lot of approved ones are not so far from some already existing … so u are wrong in my view it has something special, this is original and the bottom line is that this is not what happens with all logos here …

cool work buddy , however as for i know of the things going here , u are veery unlike get approved with such a plain / usual font like the one that u are using , u have to identify that here the typo is a main issue and that they want u to have a real work this way, to find harmony and do something professional and original as well

Well thank you! But they did not accept other work!
My question is: where the criteria for selection! They did not accept logos on your website! Said search for the answer on the forum!

they do not know , indeed this is the reason why for a long while i did the same as u did (even if this was far from being for myself in most cases) but try as we might nothing is changing anyway … as i used to mention in the past, this is crystal clear that reviewers have a really hard work here , they not only have to reject more and ore because of the bulk of files, they also have all kind of styles and items and have huge workflow to deal with and this is more than obvious than no one leaves them the required time to make something essential , that is to say having a look at the whole submissions daily , a work that they should do day by day so that they can have a more coherent guidelines all the time, not to mention that i am personally quite sure that no real guidelines have bene defines for them in the first place and as all guys have their style, taste, experience, expectations and so on, this is difficult to get of rid of inconsistencies …