My logos keep getting rejected

Im looking forward to improve my logos in order to get them accepted. They do not specify the reason of why they are rejecting my items.
I uploaded at leats 4 logos and all of them got hard rejected.

I attached the project of a logo made in ilustrator under the format of .ai .eps .png .pdf but becouse of the forum i can upload only the .png .

Im looking forward to reading feedback and improving over all
Thank you for you time

hi, i am sorry to say just this but at this stage i do not see a logo but a “r” letter, u have to identify that here if u do not have a name and tagline associated all this in a worked out typo , then u simply do not stand a chance to have anything accepted in the logo category, besides, i would also add that same goes with a logo in both horizontal and vertical version … what i think is that u may have trouble to have a decent horizontal version with what u have right now … but maybe this is possible all the same …

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