My Logos Got Hard Rejected :( Can anyone help

I have uploaded multiple logo templates and made sure that they should not be the same as others in the design. But all of them got hard rejected. To be honest I put a lot of effort and time on them. But I am still sure the problem is from my end but just need guidelines from person who is senior here.
Here are some of the logos

Hi, unfortunately the items are not up to the standards of the marketplace. One of the things that you need to improve is the styling consistency in your logos - to me it looks like you took separate elements and tried to combine them in one logo (especially the wedding planner one), which doesn’t look polished enough. The eagle symbol doesn’t work well with that font, maybe if you had chosen a different font they would combine better. As for the horse logo - again the shield element doesn’t work well with the horse graphic, the font is alright, but you could have made the shield’s border as thick as the font and it would be more consistent.

And maybe the most important thing, at least for me - when designing a logo always make sure that it is recognizable and clearly visible from distance and when viewed in small size. In your case the logos can be recognized graphically only when viewed in a rather large size.
I would suggest to do some research on the general process of logo design, what makes a good logo, how to choose the right font that goes well with your graphic, etc., also focus more on presenting your finished item. Show variations - black and white, color, print mockups, digital mockups - all things that make your item more “sellable” to the end customer.

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Wow, that was so comprehensive. Thank you very much I will try my best to make things better.

Try to avoid logos that involved anatomy of any kind. Horse with broken legs, couple with short hands and girl with one leg, eagle without neck and forks instead of claws. Clearly you don’t have the skills yet to control proportions and harmony.


hi this is globally sort of too raw and naive if u ask me, i will try to give u a compete review of how i feel about these logos, but next time, pls opt for posting one by one instead this is way easier for us trying to help u … we may get into general observations otherwise and this is nit that helpful for u in the end …

well there is a problem of style … u are in between two styles , a more abstract and more modern one , like the trendy ones where shapes are withdrawn from other and really really drawn illustration like ones on the other hand … u are a bit stuck in the middle and this makes your logo sort of look outdated, if u ask me
then, some details are a bit small , pls keep in mind that logos are judged in a small size here and if detailed logos are seen this way , they are likely not to look some good , as some details tend to be not so visible in the and …
the typo part is very summary and flat , and here this is a big mistake as regard to the kind of high expectations that authors are demanded when it comes to typo, no matter where u are posting …
introducing a tagline will help u to bring more variations , font combinations , originality to the table and make the typo part definitely much more interesting …

here is how i feel about this one … it looks like u have created two different part the shield and the horse separately and that u have brought them together in the end … the combination is not working, they are not matching … at the very least u are expected to have en equivalent stroke on both part … besides to be honest i think that the horse is too detailed and outdated in terms of style and that creating a more abstract modern one not showing the whole body (or almost) would be definitely good idea indeed
the typo part is super flat and not bringing much relief to the table … u have the same issues of hierarchy as in with the other logos but, here, in addition, there is also a bit of a matter of proportion between text and illustration. The ere is an issue of readability as well since both parts of the texts are really toot think and not popping much much with the background , BTW, pls let me remind u that violating contrast things is making u violate a basic design principle and this is really a don’t …

wedding planner
the logo is sort of too complex with the frame like this , details will not look good in small size and the logo will lose impact when under a certain size. The logo style, once again is sort of looking old and outdated , even though u managed to introduce a coherence and harmony between text and illustration
the same comments about the text part apply here , too , the typo is sort of lacking bit everything … variations, font combos and originality touches
the the global looks of the logo make u easily get into a discrepancy between the illustration and text, they do not look in the right proportion to me …and the both parts are not imbricating so completely well

general observation
i may be iron but it seems to me that u have no horizontal version of these logos and i am very worried about how they may look like if u have any … most of the them look very little compatible with such versions, starting with the eagle one

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Thank you for your feedback i will try to improve :smiley:

Thank you for that detailed guidance. I will work on these points :grinning:

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