My logo was rejected without telling me why

Hey, rejections suck and I’m pretty sure they should have sent you an email that it doesn’t meet the quality standards and that’s the reason. Your execution level is too low, spend more time learning design basics and practicing good design and you’ll get there :wink:


hi there is much to say about this item. First of all, for sure the thing is or will be rejected in any case. 100% guaranteed. The reasons are very diverse indeed, let’s get started
1- commercial potential and basic concept
i tried to regroup both points at the same time as they seen definitely very imbricated according to me , at least in this case. The reason is that from the beginning , u start by shooting a bullet in your own foot. Look, if u are looking for a company having a combinations being in keeping with the letters that u set here , this basically means that the logo is close to having no potential whatsoever. In most of cases , this is will not exit to have a theme in keeping with what u have and the same initials like this. U also cannot bet on the fact that people will try to buy and spend a lot of time to edit your item so that the thing fits all the same … people look for buying to save time . here in any case, they cannot do this
2- global style
once the initials thing is being said, let’s face it, what u have here is lacking finesse a lot, this is quite bold, there is not much graphic design here and much much more that will be detailed under. TO finish with this chapter i would say that u cannot come and try to sell something a bit “clipartish” in the logo category here, especially as this is probably one of the toughest ones, where there are tons of items, and a lot of “people in town”, which is synonymous of high standards indeed
3- execution
not sure that u have done some things on purpose or not but quite frankly they appear as execution problems more than any other thing, like in the lower part of the “g” or the upper one of the “l”
4- discrepancy
in a general way, if u ask me, what u have here looks a bit like that u have pasted some elements right next to each other rather than having composed them and this issue is something particularly apparent in the huge discrepancy in terms of style between the “illustration part” and the text one. See next point
5- typo
indeed, u are expected not only to bring variations, font combinations and touches of originality so that u are reaching the high standards and exceptions here - especially in terms of typo, no matter where u post - but u are even before this expected to do the very minimum, that is to say to make sure that the used font are matching with the illustration part so that the whole thing looks like a whole instead of separated elements being placed right next to each other …
6- imbrication
still about the balance and positioning of things, the imbrication is not really good enough at this stage, the text - this is strange most of people usually do the other way around lol - is being placed really too close from the illustration , which basically prevents the logo to have the required breathing and for elements to have the right impact and attention that they deserve indeed
7- colors
i guess that something that could have made you work more coherent is to give it colors and to get into a more "illustrative style. At the moment u are a bit in the midst of the road, stuck there , i might add, the colors as they appear only in one element look rather like coming out of the blue than any other thing, u have to opt for full color of definitely black and white only and adapt your content to it
8- coherence
i think that there is big initial flaw in the concept or the execution here since , in the end, u are using 2 "g’s and not only one
9- finition
if are using shadowing u have to give it the proper attention, this is not credible right now … no one “can buy it”. Indeed, apart from not looking particularly pertinent here , the shadowing is not making your item look better visually speaking and this is rather making it more difficult to adapt too, so u have to wander if this is really a good choice to select this “option”

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