My logo was rejected. Any advice?

Hi! Yesterday I loaded my first logo but it was rejected. What I can be doing wrong? I would greatly appreciate your opinions and advice. Thank you!

I like the main version, but I’m less sure about the black and white versions. Plus I think the text definitely needs work - the kerning, spacing and weighting look a bit iffy. I would work some more on that, maybe try some other fonts. The owl itself is cute looking, but perhaps could use a touch more work also.


I have the same issue and I didn’t know why they rejected my logo they must give us more details. :frowning:

They don’t have time to give feedback with hundreds of items being uploaded. You can post your logo on the forum and get some feedback. :slight_smile:

Hi i have the same problem , can i get some feedback ? Im a bit lost uploading new material.

Thanks so much for your advise… I’ll definitely try with some other fonts and try to work out the b&w images…
Kind regards

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You can get feedback, just post your design on the forum.

Hi @ToivoMedia! I have worked on the text and the black and white versions of my logo, but they have rejected it again. Can you help me? Should I work even more on the design, or can the problem be in the package I am trying to load (files, folders, etc.)? I thank you very much!

As T.Media suggested you need to have more kerning and tracking in your text. Plus, the owl might look cute, but it lacks some touches to make it acceptable. If it’s rejected twice do another design. Look into the latest uploaded designs and try to figure out what makes them being accepted. Look into colors used, white space, typography… etc.

Yes like orientate said, it was rejected because the design isn’t good enough yet. If there’s a technical issue to do with your files or something like that, the reviewer will tell you what you need to fix. I don’t really like the text in the second version either, probably a more cute or friendly looking font would be more appropriate. But like orientate said, keep working, maybe do some other designs and keep improving. You could come back to this design later.

Hi @EScandizzo the idea is good but the shape need more work , good luck !

@orientate @ToivoMedia @driver4design Thank you very much for all the advice. I will continue with other designs and I will try later to take this with new ideas. I will continue working. Regards!!

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