my logo was not accepted I can't understand why

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I think that your logo is good but problem with typography and also colors (brown with green background see bad) but I am not expert in graphicriver.

Search like

Already have wood in graphicriver. You need search unique design not have other design you can create one.

You waiting other author will to be help you.


hi for e there are several things. First of all, your item is not super adapted to the logo template marketplace as this is very detailed and that here logos are considered in small size. As u may notice on your own, in a small size, like in the preview before u zoom them in, the details are cashed and this is sort of being replaced by a dense unclear bulk of lines so to speak, which is not super compatible with very high aesthetics indeed. Otherwise , the typo is not matching super well with the illustration part , i guess u can find much better about it and more unique, too. Besides, pls let me remind u that typo is a main focus here no matter where u are posting and thus much effort is expected from u to reach the standard of such a prominent element in such a busy marketplace . I may also underline that using mockups is great but u have to select cautiously all the same and make sure that your work is outstanding in the middle rather than hardly visible like on the window … u sell the logo not the mockup LOL. The way the text is flagged also looks strange as far as the horizontal version goes and the logo looks way flatter once u take out the tagline, in other words, i highly recommend that u do not display these two previews which turn out to have opposit effect to the expected goal …