My Logo Templates gets rejected why ??? Need Answer from graphicriver team


I need the answer that why you rejected logo without any reason and its creates very bad impression of your Website, even i can’t contact you dont even have an email to contact.



hi for the crocodile one, this is normal in my view as there’s too much details, and not enough harmony between the illustration and the text , not to mention there’s a bit problem with the way the crocodile is drawn and cut straight for the bottom part . For the first two logos, i did not really get it , this is rather cool, i just tend to believe that the matter maybe typo for them as they are crazy with this here as if it was the only important thing …


otherwise, do not expect answers from nevato teams here , they are very unlikely to come to help u here, after envato rejects, normally u do not have any interactions about why u get rejected and if u ever ask the help center they will tell you go to ask in the forums … lol


Then what i should do now. Even other 5 got rejected