My logo Template got Rejected. Can anyone help me figure out why?

hi i personally like the illustration part , though the typo part is really way too basic if u ask me. Not only are expected to bring some originality and harmony to the tables regard to typo, but u are also much expected to combine fonts in a way so that u have either something creative, but also have a whole between the illustration and the name. This means that u need to find a way to take your typo to the next level out of combining harmoniously both the name and the eagling, nut u also have to introduce some color to the name or tagline, too. At this stage, it looks as if u had 2 different separated parts when the thing is a “whole”. Just try to bring some additional work to the typo part and no doubt in my mind that u are going to be able to make it when u resubmit indeed. Now, also consider that here , if typo is much of a major issue, reviewers are considering much logos in a very small size, so that , if u want to make sure that your reworked item is working, check in a very small size too


Thank you very much for your input. I really appreciate it. Will carry out the suggested changes.

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hi , well do your best for this and hopefully u can make it afterwards :slight_smile: