MY logo rejected. WHY?


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Well, what kind of company could use this logo? I guess you should first think through the customers eyes. Just by the look of it - maybe a horse riding classes could buy it, other than that I don’t know.
And maybe Envato team also didn’t know, that’s why you got rejected?
I also don’t dig the ‘Power Horse’ font.
Hope I helped at least a little :slight_smile:

Ok, but why this logo is rejected?

Clearly because you made the graphics out of letters - so only companies with S and H can use this logo or they have to register their company as Smitty’s Home and that could cause some problems :smiley:
Just go for creating graphics that resemble some business or niche. It has to be creative though.

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Please review this logo. Thanks


awsome logo

The eco home logo - it’s not bad, but I don’t really like the font choice. Also the stylized leaves look kinda like stylized hands, I would make them either clearly leaves or clearly hands. The shapes could be done a bit better. It’s quite generic and simple, so it has to look great to stand out.

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i think it’s very nice logo, keep going