My logo rejected, why?

The small shapes get lost and become messy noise when the logo is smaller.

Not really sure what the concept for this is.

Kinda looks like a trashcan.


hi there , sorry to say just this but indeed, there are a collections of problems with what u have done … first of all, hard to identify what the concept is in the first place and indeed it should something easy to comprehend. Then, the global style looks rather old. Nowadays’ trends are more likely to be about strong concept and shapes being withdrawn from another or something like this. Indeed, the shape is globally really complex and detailed here and this is not a super good idea for a logo template, especially as here they are judging in small size , so , as u may guess and understand, the details are being less visible and interesting and tend to make the preview compact and not super aesthetic in the end, There is a lack of imbrication between the text part and the illustration one, no natter if we are considering the horizontal or vertical version, on the vertical one, the text must be drawn closer from the illustration and in the horizontal one, the text must be pushed left so they this is more connected with the illustration rather than looking like being pasted aside … make sure that u increase the contrast of text (the tagline at least) so that u are not violating a basic design principle , namely : contrast, which leads u in a snowball effect into further troubles, visibility / readability problems, too. The typo is super flat , there is not variation, no font combinations, no touches of originality and there is an impact of the relief and the hierarchy that u are generating. Besides, when i comes o hierarchy the tagline is not in the right proportion with the name , there is too much of a hierarchy contrast between the two all the same …

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or a basketball net lol

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@n2n44 Yes, it’s as basketball :slight_smile: .

You need improvements logo as professional shape and typography. but I am not expert in graphicriver. regards.

Thanks, thanks…

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if u have enough clues as what to fix and modify pls check the “solution” box, good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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