My Logo rejected. Please help me

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@n2n44 please help new author @nugrahmuslim was hard rejected your logo, thank you so much, regards.

I’m not sure if my answer helps you but I think there are couple of reasons for which your logo was rejected. First, you are a new author and Envato expect a better quality because they want this marketplace to be an elite place. Second, this looks more like a “badge” than a logo and it must be a part of a pack of six or so badges. And third, probably, there are too many similar artworks already for sale and they don’t want this kind of logos/badges anymore. Good luck!


ok thank you dud :slight_smile:


hi u have a matter of style indeed … this is a bit half way between two styles but the fact that u staid in the middle of the path is making your item look not really trendy , attractive or whatever … either u choose to make a sort of badge out of it … u have to either choose to get into something even more drawn and having more details or rather playing with strokes and so on and get in the “badge style” instead … otherwise think about color according to themes, complementary colors and so on … so that u have some more harmonious and that matches more the initial theme … plus u have some work to do as regard to typo, which is basic , not really original or punchy too … if i were i would also increase the tagline so that there is a better proportion between both text parts …