Hi everyone, i need an advice cause i’m new here. I made this logo but unfortunately has been rejected. They said: “we found it isn’t at the quality standard”.

Can you please tell me what to improve? I would appreciate any kind of advice!!



It doesn’t look like a logo and also I think no one uses a logo with abc.
First be familiar with the envato market and it’s standards. I advice you to please take some time and be perfect in what you are and then try again with the best output…

Hope you all success ahead…


NO one uses a logo with ABC…really, I bet you’ll find ABC Anything in ANY town. In my town we have an ABC Liquors (chain) ABC Pizza (chain) ABC Hardware (chain) ABC Pest Control… and so on…


Oh then I might be wrong maybe there is another reason behind the rejection…


thanks both of you for reply! I’ll try something more unique and take some advice before i publish it!