my logo price $29, but i only get $8.25 (not even reach 30%) how could be?....


my logo price $29, but i only get $8.25 (not even reach 30%) how could be?..


the same here cause your country does not have tax treaty with usa ,something like that


or you didn’t complete the tax form.


A question, I am from chile also 30% sell logo, web, etc?


Yes,its terrible.You are an exclusive author,you should be getting at least half :stuck_out_tongue:


For who your answer? (I or @COBRA_)


hi @JeriThemes and @COBRA_ are the two of u guys exclusive authors or not? did u fulfill the w8 things? if not do not be surprised …


I thint that exclusive author but my country 30% I think, yet not sell my flyers because not have a time work my flyers, I make my website .psd and submit themeforest


i understand but thats very important that u try to check indeed because the money that u’ll be making will greatly depend on all this …


Many thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, l am exclusive, and out of $6, for a flyer, which usually means l end up with $3.60, minus the US tax thing, and costs means l end up with about $2, per flyer!

I did the tax thing, but if l get US sales the tax will be added, at least til, after July 1st!

I think that Envato need to look into a new pricing structure? Since other sites, don’t take out such a big chunk,(tax) and have bigger percentage payouts!

I know that pricing is self regulated, but you can’t just increase all of your flyers, when everyone else isn’t!