My logo is rejected, why?

my logo rejected, why? Can anyone help me?

I"v seen this idea many times before. This is not unique.

how about this?photo_2019-11-07_13-16-16

Ask yourself first. For which domain / business this logo is suitable? The answer is vague. This is because you don’t have a strong concept and the logo is not properly targeted. When a customer search for a logo he had a real business. He need to clearly comunicate the business type.

I understand that you try to create a clever logo but for this you need to associate and combine 2 strong concepts that merge into a single one. This is twice hard to do it. Not any combination works.

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in the graphicriver I found many similar logos about the question “For what domain / business does this logo fit?”. No one can answer except prospective customers, because he is the one considering, is the reviewer a prospective customer?

I made this logo thoughtfully, but it looks like the standard used is different from what I thought … and it seems like the standard problem is not clear either in the form of assistance or detailed guidance.

If you want to keep it vague it is your choice. I appreciate that logos that speak for itself.

No one can tell you step by step what you need to do in order to be approved and have many sales. I uploaded logos before here and that ones that sells was very clearly targeted.

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hi for me for the charity one , this is more likely to be an execution issue as the shape crossing each other actually end up in an non aesthetic change of color when there is an intersection

plus there is a matter of typo, it could be better in terms of originality and there is definitely an effort to do when it comes to variations and / or font combinations indeed

what u are saying is true … though having a vague logo can also work sometimes, but the thing is that what he has here is not compatible with a large targeting

hi , sorry to tell u the ugly truth but honestly the red logo looks pretty outdated and if u ask me the typo, though this is original, is also ugly, too … besides i do not feel like this is matching with the illustration … globally the logo and style are sort of too massive / lacking finesse indeed , not to mention that , to be honest it takes a while before being able to see a collection of hearts in the central shapes, this is not intuitive if u ask me …