My logo is approved or rejected? please help me thanks :)

You’ll know when it gets approved or rejected. My opinion… while the design isn’t too bad, is there much call for logos that combine hot air balloons and beef burgers?


Yes, it’s my idea :slight_smile:

but no same other logos search graphicriver :slight_smile:

My point is that there might be a very good reason why there aren’t any burger/balloon mashup logos on GraphicRiver. Aside from design quality, items need to have commercial appeal.

So a logo for a company called ‘LifeGaurd WarCopter: Spring Break Edition’ which is meant to represent a business using giant anthropomorphic, aquatic androids that look like helicopter gunships, which are designed to save drowning swimmers who have partied to the x-treme up and down America’s beaches… may be the most unique thing to ever grace the hallowed halls of GraphicRiver… but that doesn’t mean anybody is going to have need for it, or buy it.

But still… we’ll see what the reviewers say.


Than I will fix small text logo

but can use logo 2 thing for example book with photo

but problem my logo name is too large and I will fix small name logo

Photo and diary. Could be a photography portfolio, a photography blog, an actual diary to add photos, an online storage space for images, some kind of Facebook clone that’s just for images, a company selling digital or physical products based on your images, a time-capsule service for your photos etc etc.

Those were off the top of my head. Can you provide seven examples of what Burger Balloon could be used for? Why not just start with a hot air balloon logo or a burger logo… and get a bit abstract further down the line?

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Thanks for you help me but my logo if is hard rejected I will make other logo more maybe approved :slight_smile:

My opinion is take home sandwich so use a balloon carry sanchwich.

I find the creativity awesome behind that one! Full of “instant-energy-let’s-paste-this-here-and-that-there!”. I know it’s for fun, but I like it a lot! :+1:

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