my logo has been rejected‏

Hi all …
What do you think is wrong?

Hi there, I think thats not original enough, i see similar logo like this…0…gws-wiz-img.HDyfYFPfl-g&ved=0ahUKEwjru4ilzbTlAhWRdn0KHUowAZ0Q4dUDCAY&uact=5#imgrc=SduU3BaxmPdSQM:

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hi , as mentioned by @dotibed, the thing is not very very original indeed … i have seen this face on many occasions already … plus there is more to say again … the combination of font in the typo is simply not working they are just not imbricating indeed and the tag and the name look like pasted randomly right next to reach other without generating harmony …the tag also seems a bit too thin and sort of inconsistent as such too … u also have an issue of space between royal and hair, the two words are too far from each other , which makes the logo look strange , the crown look added afterwards too , as this not following the imaginary line of the girl’s hair …, the back of the crown should thus be rounded or curved …