My logo has been rejected. Can you please explain me why? Thanks all.

The concept is overdone.

hi , pls do not take this personally, ok? i like the idea of what u have here but there is simply no potential at all for the thing like this … the fact of the matter is that anyone comfortable with illustrator tools can redo the concerned logo within 3 minutes … (maybe even less …) so why would anybody would think about buying a logo - which is one of the highest prices here - for an item that they would not save time buying rather than redoing by themselves? in addition, if the illustration part is very easy to redo and that this is impacting much the commercial potential of your item, this is not all … the typo is not matching well the illustration part and u have had trouble to imbricate name and tagline properly because of the font combination not working really well … this is resulting in the fact that the logo looks misbalanced, more on the right on the left indeed. The name of the brand is also too thin, which breaks the hierarchy of the text part and the global logo too

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