My Logo Hard Rejected Anyone Know Why PLZ?

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It looks very creative!

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It’s not really a logo given there’s no brand name or info

Also the different elements are out of proportion

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Thanks a lot for the inspiration. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, Charlie yes it is without text version posted here, thank you for the opinion, glad to (Also the different elements are out of proportion) so i can figure out my mistakes. maybe it is the reason it is not approved.

at this stage what u have here is not a logo as there is no typo part at all … so if u are posting in the logo category, they will consider that u posted in the wrong place and hard reject the item indeed … as such the category to select is “illustration” or “vector” I am not sure … anyways , I also doubt that u can make it there all the same as the illustration looks a bit naive at the moment if u ask me … not to mention yay it does not look realistic that the back of the pot is not drawn so that the perspective is lacking for now … the illustration is too flat according to me so that it looks a bit outdated in my view. I tend to consider that u should bring more depth to the table by adding shadowing where necessary indeed . Colors for the relief on the skin turn out not to not contrasting enough and contributes for the illustration to look too flat at the moment …