My Logo Design got rejected

Here’s my logo that got rejected due to reason: " it isn’t at the quality standard required".
What was lacking in this logo design?
Thank you for your time. And sorry for disturbing again :smiley:

Not bad. Try to work more on column shape to create some particularity. Also when I saw your logo I imagined a pair of swords instead of lines.


Thank you for your comment. I also think that i should have work more on the column shape. Sconce it’s hard reject I can’t submit it again.

You can keep the ideea/concept and create a brand new item with different column., replace lines with something else, change fonts and name


hi as for me i tend to believe that @DesignSomething is true , there is a bit of a concept issue in a way as this is a bit hard to identify what curved lines are supposed to be all about …
otherwise, i am not really sure that lines right next to “service” really are necessary indeed … they increase the disconnection that u somehow some way have a bit between the text part and the illustration, besides, for me, this takes things to be more imbricated … for u to find a way to reconnect more the two different parts indeed
finally, the typo is clean but this is really super original either , maybe this maybe an issue for here (but not in my mind) as regard to the fact that typo is the prevailing thing here, no matter what is the considered category …

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Thank you for your valuable advice. What I use instead of those pair of lines in the button?

I used those two shapes to form ring that illustrate some kind of protection. Looks like I couldn’t apply the effect into the logo perfectly. I am using NEXA font for all my logos. Should I customize fonts when submitting Logo, or leave it as it is? However, thanks for your detailed feedback. It meas a lot to me.:brown_heart::blue_heart: