My Lite Rosk track was rejected, why?

Greetings to colleagues. Just yesterday, my track was rejected, I posted it in the Lita Rosk section. The quality, it seems to me, is quite good, but the track was not accepted, maybe the problem is in the arrangement, I don’t understand. Please help an inexperienced author, I will be very grateful, I will accept any criticism, as it helps to develop.


Good job! I like it! Perhaps I would have done a little more amplification of emotions at section 0:56 - 1:22 and further on the second repetition also lacks energy. I would have added more instruments, including percussion, to the arrangement, to create a powerful culmination and second repetition(1:23 and further).
Good luck!

Thank you very much, I’ll take note) I thought on the contrary, they didn’t accept the track because of piles of arrangements, but here you are talking about a lack of tools, but I understand what you are talking about;)

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watch out for confusing delay effects, at first half of song there is a prety monotonous guitar that has confusing delay with lots of feedback, I would make it cleaner, also the ending is very sudden, it should fade out a bit more gently like use some soft guitars and not end with a single oneshot

Pandocrator, thank you very much, I will lose this in the next works!