My listings keep getting rejected


I have been trying to list my scripts with comprehensive details on PHP script section on code canyon. But they always get rejected. The listings got rejected with not much detail regarding the rejection reason except that “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.

The script I listed was Simple Rating System, Demo: “

The script allows website publishers to add a rating icon on their webpage/content to allow rating of their content by visitors. It has nice animation effects and a range of icons to choose from with customisable size, animation and colour.

The second rejection was for youtube autosurf website which allows YouTubers to showcase their videos to other users. Users earn view points by watching other videos while the points can be used to list their own video. A good quality script with demo located at:
User panel login: (ID:, password: 123456)
Admin panel: (ID: admin, password: password)

Please let me know what is wrong with the scripts so that I can relist these and get accepted.

Thank you.

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When trying to sell on codecanyon, only take the “Simple” word for “ease of usage”, upon checking your item, it does really is “Simple”. The whole idea and features are too simple to enter the market. Work harder and add more colors to your item.

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Thank you for your reply. “Simple Rating System” really is simple for the ease of usage. Just a line of html code to be displayed on any page, anywhere. It comes in different colours and users can add their own colours, sizes, animation styles and rating icons.
Adding a rating widget on users content is very desirable and is expected to be popular. I do not see how you can pre-estimate the market value of a unique product which is yet to launch.

The second product is Youtube videos viewer, something similar to Stumbleupon but for youtube videos. What is the reason for rejection for that one?

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i really like the Simple Rating System, but i think the font of heading in demo site are extra large and it need to decrease, but i think this is not the real reason for reject.
about youtube i did’t got the idea about the item work. is it make a fake viewing for youtube videos?

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The front end heading is just representing user content. It can be placed on any web page, what is being sold is only a rating widget. The size of the heading has nothing to do with the actual script or its functionality.
Regarding youtube, you can call it something similar to Stumbleupon, in this case it is just youtube videos.

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The review/rating widget is simply too basic and lacks premium value

The YouTube one - you need to be much more explicit about how this operates.

  • To take your example of Stumbleupon - that typically works as a browser extension. Is that what yours does?

  • What features or functionality is yours offering to warrant someone pay for it over such an established and free alternative?

  • why would someone use or pay for yours if it’s only for YouTube when there are other free/premiums options that cover multiple sources?

  • you need to be extremely careful that nothing that it does beeches YouTube or Google rules as that could create very serious implications for any buyer