My Latest Logo, What DO You Think?

This my latest logo… any feedback?


Very Unique Congrats.

How about horizontal orientation ??

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I need to fix something it seems, as it was hard rejected. Then I will think of a horizontal orientation.

The text being heavier than the logo looks wrong to me, kinda an issue with hierarchy. I don’t think the lines and bullet points work. But even with those improvements I think more may need to be done with the whale, my guess is it’s not clear enough what it is. I like the overall simplified shape of it, but I would try to change the “cubist” style of the face for a start… Plus how many monotone logos are approved on here? I would guess a monotone logo would need to be fairly spectacular in its simplicity to be approved. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I was thinking whether this type of logo (art line) can be approved here or not. I agree with you the typography is heavier than the symbol lines. Yeah let me try to improve it by using different framing methods, perhaps circular frame.

Simple and Unique, nice Logo …
I think what if the lines on the text are removed or in different styles, it might be more interesting. I think the logo is good and the text may be slightly repaired.
I hope this helps … good Luck

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