My latest item is hidden when browsing in "Trending"

My apologies for the essay…

So I decided to check out the latest tracks in the Pop category. By default the browser is set to “Newest Items”, and I selected “Added in the last week”. It says 123 items uploaded in this category this week, and my latest track, Acoustic Summer Beat, uploaded on the 24th July, is at the bottom of page 2.

I decided to see where it was on the ‘trending spectrum’, so I set “sort by” to “trending”. Still 123 tracks, so I’m assuming it is all the same 123 newest tracks from the last week, rearranged in trending order. However, my track is not on this list anywhere. Furthermore, at least three tracks that I’ve noticed so far, Summer by alversmusicproduction, Pop Dance Deep by NewZhilla and Summer Indie Pop by Alex_MakeMusic, all appear twice on different pages.

So my track is getting 0 exposure, and these tracks are getting double.

I decided to explore deeper, and looked at my other most recent items. Interestingly, the items that have sold at least 1 copy do appear on the trending list, but my track A Happy & Positive Acoustic in the Folk, Acoustic category with 0 sales also is invisible, while other tracks appear twice.

Can anyone explain that?

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Yeah, would be nice to have an explanation about it. Experimented your search logic with some of my own items and got similar weird results. Furthermore, how an item can be trending without any sales? There are many items on the first page of the search results for “trending Cinematic” added in the last year with no sales at all!

Hi Alister, I can’t really explain the issues you’re experiencing with the exposure of your tracks, but I thought I’d share something a little strange I discovered today with the search results myself. For a while, I’ve been checking how well our track Inspirational Cinematic Piano is doing in the Top New Files category (with the filters set to their default “best sellers” and “added: in the last month”). Today I checked and saw that our item was no longer included in these results at all - our track hasn’t been up for a month yet and there are older tracks on this list. I went through all tracks with 5 sales and ours wasn’t in there. Right now I’m not sure why this is the case.

Edit: Seems to have been a temporary issue, our item is now back in Top New Files.

My first guess would be that a new search is generated every time you click on a different page number. The parameters are the same, but how much something is trending may have changed… so if you’re on page 2 and you click on page 3, a new search is generated where your item has moved up to page 2. As a result, you don’t see it in the search results.

Same with the items showing up twice. On page two and you’re seeing one item. Click on page 3, new search, that item has gone down in the rankings and now appears on page 3… so you’re seeing it twice.

I could be wrong, but that would make sense.

If this were the case then you could flip back to the other page and see the item. This wasn’t the case, it was as if my item was in “no man’s land”. I tested it multiple times and on different browsers and got the same results. My latest item, however, is currently showing up when searching for trending items in the last day, so it seems to be working correctly at the moment.

Sort by: trending Added: any date shows completely outdated and random items (after the trending files), at least in GR