my last sell disappeared after 6 hours from my account

I sold one item today and after 6 hours from the sell I found the money and the sale disappeared from my dashboard without any refund request.

I want to understand what happened?

It may be due to Sale Reversal. Check your Statment whether a sale reversal has happened. Check more details about sale reversal here : What Is A Sales Reversal? – Envato Author Help Center

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Thank you very much for your reply.

after checking my statement, I found it’s Sale Reversal so, I want to ask you what I should do in this situation.

You have nothing to do. it is really difficult to handle such type of fraud customer. As we know for sale reversal envato suspend/disable those fraud customers account and they will not be able to use their account anymore.

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I have the same situation, the sale disappeared after a few months. This is outside the normal mind, how this is allowed, both from the side of the envato and from the side of the bank? How, after a product or service is sold, after a few months your money can be taken back? The scammer has both your video and the money. How is this possible at all? I have not seen a warning that your money and sales could disappear at any moment… You can work like this? I don`t want to

Seems like your sale is been reversed and it happens these days at envato. Almost two of my sales got reversed and it was terrible to see that there was not even a single notification or any email from the support side which could justify or elaborate about the reversal of the sale