My last rejected project

Hello everyone,
I am not someone who uploads projects very often.
Here is my last work when I was home was rejected:

Yes my heart is broken, my self-confidence is hurt:) but I hope to see my shortcomings with your valuable criticism. I spent about 2 weeks for this project. First I modelled an alien character in Zbrush, then I modelled an ufo and a screen in C4d and long wait with Octane render and compositing in After Effects. By the way, I learned a lot in this process. This is my only gain :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance for your valuable comments. Stay healthy.

I give you 5 out of 10 for animation & texturing process because you need to put more hard work learning character motion, study and exam the 12 principle of animation.
for the sculpting process you repeat the alpha skin without giving the realisim of skin painting.
Mari is better than Zbrush for painting and vice versa for Zbrush for sculpting process
for the idea of motion graphic and camera movement are very week because timing for events, camera movement and other elements motion are not consistent.

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Thank you HardEdgeie. I hadn’t heard of Mari before. I was interested in Substance Painter, do you think Mari is better or easier?
You’re right about repeating the alpha skin, I’m at the beginning of painting adventure:)
I didn’t understand what you tell about camera movements. In all scenes camera is constant. There’s no camera movement. Do you mean camera angles? Thank you.

consistent not constant
Mari is more difficult but gives realsitic results.

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It looks like a 2011 project. Also, I do not see any commercial potential in this project


Thank you i will try it :+1:

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Thank you romlam.

It looks like it took a lot of work, but I’m not sure who would use this on a website.

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imho it needs work on the colors too… you will find a few good tuts on youtube about color theory if you have some time to spend.

that’s the most important thing man… continue learning and some day you won’t even remember this rejection :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your valuable and constructive criticism.
There are many more ways to go. I am leaving this project aside for now, maybe I can evaluate it as motion graphic in other sites. When I thought again, I realized that the most important problem of the project is that it is useless. other technical issues are somehow resolved. thanks again to you all. I wish you plenty of earnings. stay healthy.

I know how you feel but take the good with the bad. I know modeling takes time and the animation is work also. I look at all projects as opportunities to learn or try something different that is the main goal and everything else is secondary. Once you realized that every project gains experience and hopefully a new perspective, I feel I need to tackle more projects that are new and possibly outside my comfort zone. Maybe you can upload just the models? I think they are decent and I would totally use them In a project.

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Thank you for your valuable comments.
I never thought of putting 3d models on sale.
Let me try. Thanks.