My laravel script is hard rejected. Can anyone suggest me what i am doing wrong

We developed a laravel php script for telemarketing solution. Links are below
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I really don’t know what i am doing wrong. Please help anyone experience here what can be the causes.

Without spending a long time looking at the code - I would think that there may be a suitability issue here.

Regardless of the quality of the build, I cannot see many people coming to/using a stock marketplace for tasks like this that requires such a lot of confidential data etc. especially given the vast choice of purpose built and heavily developed solutions which exist.

Thank you for the comment. But there is already some applications exists in CodeCanyon which is in same topic.

Could you please provide more details about the specific issue you’ve identified in our project? Additionally, could you clarify what you mean by the required quality standard? I would like to understand whether the issue pertains to our project idea or the coding standard

We have not spent a lot of time looking at the back end of the code but generally speaking this just does not feel entirely suitable for a marketplace like this.

Approval is not only about the code or design - an item have to be competitive, and have sales potential, be manageable in terms of buyer experience etc.

There’s almost no other items of this type on this category (bar 1 or 2 with limited sales), which immediately suggests there is limited relevance.

The one that has the most sales sounds like a a bit of a headache with the author struggling to maintain things because of the potential complexity and 3rd party integrations.

Given the level of confidential data being handled, would (where possible) be better handled by purpose built, enterprise solutions, with the necessary resource to manage, moderate and maintain the tools.

It simply would not be responsible for a reputable company to be looking for items to manage this type of process in a general stock marketplace (regardless of how good many authors are) and at these costs.

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What web app would you suggest to create so that it had sales potential and be suitable for a marketplace like this?