My landing page gets rejected

Hi guys,

I had submitted a app landing page , unfortunately it was rejected :pensive: yesterday by themeforest . They said the page isn’t at the quality standard needed to continue forward with the review process on ThemeForest.

So i want you guys to please review my items and give me feedback so i can improve it . Below is the link.

This design is good. But you need to improve typography, footer section and download app and upgrade section. Good luck :slight_smile:

Ok after making these changes can i able to upload it back for the review ?

No, I don’t think so. You probably can’t re-submit the rejected items.

Don’t worry you are far better than many first time rejections. The problem with your template is I guess typography as said by one of our members and also the design.

For someone with an eye for design, your template looks as if you piled the code blocks on top of each other. There’s no appropriate spacing and also you used the forms as it is without customization.

I too faced the same kind of trouble in the beginning, but when I spent sometime browsing what kind of templates are being accepted and loved by buyers, I learnt what I missed.

Don’t worry, you’ll make better templates soon.

Thanks for the detailed description. I Will definitely improve .

As an exclusive author what’s your connection to this or perhaps the WP version?

That looks rather suspicious esp. given the details of the original author (from last year) are from a completely different?!

There is no relation b/w my templates and the links you referred .

Hi Charlie , I am a new author on themeforest and specially focused on developing websites in html and wordpress. As you know my first app - landing page gets rejected (here Is the link) , so i request you to give me more details about my template rejection and how could i improve on it. I am attaching my mail screenshot that i recevied from the reviewer.

And also love to hear some points that needs to be considered before submitting the template for review.


I still think it’s too close to others for sale here and elsewhere but even if that is not he case:

  • that’s a hard reject i.e. here is too much wrong/needs fixing for actionable feedback.

  • the basics need a lot of work in typography, spacing, margins.

  • the design is very simple and outdated , not to mention similar to other free or basic landing pages available on line

  • there needs to be a higher quality design with more unique and stand out features to be able to compete in this category

I’m not a reviewer but if you are getting hard rejections then it’s probably wise to forget this item and spend time refining the concept and design fundamentals as getting this one up the standard may actually be a harder job.

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