My jquery plugin was rejected :(

hi, i was upload my jquery weather plugin, its my first upload but rejected. What do you think the problem could be?

this is my demo page

@telatkaya_ Your idea is nice. I love animation interactivity.
But the design is very bad. Try using an overlay. Give it up text shadows. Change the background images. Stay away from stock sites. Try Unstock new project Envato. It would be nice to implement auto location. It must be useful to buy it… Unfortunately not see the usefulness of the project, I mean from a business perspective.
Good Luck !

Design needs a lot of work esp. some of the animation icons, spacing, margins, content hierarchy and the typography (lose the shadow stuff).

If is not happy on mobile and responsive nature needs attention. Just making it shrink it not going to work you need to consider how to pile the days to make this optimised.

Try to introduce variations on layout, options. display, language switcher, variable weather periods etc.

When I enter “Santander” as my city, it than shows:
39002 Santander, Cantabria, Spain.
That is way tooo long. No need for postcode.

Also consider how rain is displayed in comparison to other animation. That is not very nice

Also I don’t think a user needs to be reminded that it is March, every day.

Nice UI but it doesnt work as intended.