My jingle has been rejected. What's wrong with the track?

Hi Guys. My jingle has been rejected and I would love your opinion on what you think might be wrong. I’m new on Audiojungle and I’d love to know what I should change. Thank you for any tips.

here’s the link for the track:

Hi! there some problems:

  1. Guitar sound is very agrressive
  2. Track is very repetitive
  3. Kick drum is very low and has cheap sound
  4. Arrangement is booring

Try to create more dymamical arrangement, add some additional melodies. Also I think it better to play more standart drums (for example bass drum playing 1/4, ect). And mix track with softer sound, not so agressive like that. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! We’ll work on it :slight_smile:

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