my Items was rejected with no reason i can understand


here it is. but e-mail says: Unfortunately, after reviewing your item ‘Rough’ we found that it’s too far off the standards we require, so you’ll be unable to submit it again.
no constructivly reasons to reject was linked or texted.


Send me the midifiles and stems and I shall have a play:


sorry, did not quite understand you


First impressions that come to mind:

  1. It is way too experimental. There is too much sound tweaking and too little dynamic and harmonic development.
  2. It does not sound pleasant, the top end is harsh with a lot of glitchy stuff that gets annoying quickly.

Listen to some music that is selling here to get a better impression what might work.



Really interesting track, had fun listening to it.

But I agree that it’s definitely not AJ material. As FirstNote said, it’s too experimental and not “pleasing” enough.


it is not commercial music


Amazing track, love it.
But AJ is certainly not the right place for this kind of music…


Well, please me tell me where should i go with it?


I really like it and I think it should have been accepted. There’s definitely a market for music like this, even here.


I agree with this. AJ really shouldn’t be in the business of deciding that something well-produced with good production quality isn’t going to sell. This could go on a lot of modern ad work and is consistently interesting.

Its hard to get on another rejection thread to offer advice to someone who’s track’s biggest sin is being too conventional and then suggest that something like this (that’s creative, interesting, and potentially a trend-setter) shouldn’t be allowed on because it tries something new.


My best guess is the composition itself is just not straight forward enough for commercial viability. As far as the mix goes, I can’t be certain because I listened on earbuds but you might have some unwanted frequencies making your mix sound muddy. Pull up a frequency analyzer in whatever DAW you use and take a look at that.