My items got hard rejected because they doesn't meet the quality requirement

I dropped 3 items and they all got hard rejected, there must be something wrong I’m doing but I can’t see it. I mean the ui isn’t that bad and the app function normally and even the code is well commented and clear that’s why I have a hard time accepting the reviews. Maybe because I dropped all 3 of them in the same time the reviewer thought that the items wasn’t that good or something else. Please I need your feedback maybe there is something I’m missing.Thank you
App 1: Sleep Timer

App 2: Anonymous Messages

App 3: Synonyms Quiz

so sad :pensive: :pensive: :cry: :cry:

i same, my php scripts got hard rejected

Hello there,

Your apps have a great potential to be accepted. What I recommend you to do is to focus on a single application, implement a few more features and get creative at the way you make the interface.

After that your application most probably will be accepted!
Good luck! :slight_smile: