My items are been rejected without any reason, I am confused.

Hi! Why “without any reason”?
The reason is indicated in the letter: “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”
If you want you can show the rejected item here so that other ThemeForest authors would give you advice on how to avoid the same mistakes next time


hi indeed, if u did just like u did for the forums, no wonder why the thing was rejected indeed, as selecting the wrong category here is synonymous with hard rejection. As fr the rest, i guess u will identify that this is very difficult to potentially help u with the concerned rejection if u do not provide us with with any complete preview …

he posted in the wrong forum category indeed, as this is mentioned “print template” it does not have anything to do with theme forest … if he did the same for posting his items, no doubt that the item was rejected lol

You are correct

I’ve moved it to the graphicriver category

You still need to share the preview image if you want feedback

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Okay, let me share the preview image bro

With respect, this is nowhere near the standards for here. There are huge issues with design basics throughout incl. typography, alignment, margins, hierarchy, spacing, the icons (are all sorts of wrong).


Thank you so much, I love the way you respond to my issue please, can I extend hands of friendship, I would like to get your WhatsApp no: ?

hi indeed, there is so much to comment that i even have a bit trouble to get to know where to start … sorry to tell u just this as i guess u tried to do what u could , but i’d better tell u the ugly truth, i hope u do not mind … i will focus on the cv version as this is symptomatic of the things that u did not manage to do properly enough at the moment …
ok anyway let’s get started
1- global style
i assume that the best thing for me to do to deal with this point is to start with asking u the following question, would u , as a customer buy this and send this item to a potential employer? i guess that the answer is no, of course> there are a variety of points that i will deal with more accurately in the next points so i will mainly say , for the moment that the global organization s sort of messy and that the whole design does not look professional enough either to have it approved and also to have someone buying such an item when people could get way more professional ones for free in the internet … anyway, what is left to say for this part is that the template is crammed … really crammed, and believe me i have a rather busy style lol and i am not the kind of guy to be too harsh about it for the same reason lol

2- low commercial potential
indeed, this is linked with what i started to mention and the fact there are is much to do for the item to potentially start looking good about every point, typo, organization, alignment, and many other things. Not to mention that the item looks too generic to work well even if by miracle it had been accepted. Nowadays, generic things are more the guaranty to have things “buried alive” rather than making a tremendous amount fo sales just like what happened many years ago. Now this time is gone. U need to hit a niche and for this your target needs to be more clearly identified …

3- repetition
normally this is part of basic design principles and supposed to be a good thing , at least until , u overdo, so to speak. There is a famous formulations in agency , this is too much something kills this something … in the current case, this basically means that out of using frames everywhere your frames are given no impact and in the end instead of drawing attention they rather contribute to have the information drown … and what is the purpose of such an item if people do not feel like reading it and that they get lost out of trying
4- breathing
as mentioned about the global style, this is really crammed and the lack of breathing not being here , u end up being confronted with many other problems in a snowball effect
5- hierarchy
this is unclear , there should be clearly identifiable levels of information that u could distinguish at first sight helping u to figure out what is important, what is a bit less and what is simply “details”. U do not have this enough right now, there are multiple in-between if i can call it this way.
6- readability
the lack of breathing, the rather weak hierarchy makes it difficult to focus on the text which are written … not to mention that it seems that u have very little knowledge as regard to “z-shape reading” which describes the way the eyes usually sweep across a document - no matter which one - in order to read it. This reading process is also determining impact zones, in other words, where valuable information should be put so that this is “outstanding” and catching the attention. TO make sure that u provide people with something efficient, u must know about such issues and try to keep them in mind so that the buyer potential has as less things to fix as possible
7- alignment
well even the big titles are not aligned as expected indeed. Pls keep in mind that this is a template , in other words, u can even adapt the amount of information and so so that your template looks good and well arranged all the way. So this is exactly what u are expected to do indeed. Alignment, is a basic design principle and messing with it is clearly not a good idea , this is the bottom line
8- spacing
as we are dealing with basic design principles, there is another one that u are violating , this is spacing. As i have just mentioned, even more than usually, as this is a template that u are offering here , well , u are expecting to do what u can in order to make sure that the template is very professional all the way and this implies having the very same distance between categories, the same space between blocks, the same gap between titles and subtitles and so on and so forth. In other words, this means that having one block isolated in between is not done, as well as having two frames almost touching each other vertically and so on
9- header
this part even more than the other must be well organized and have much of a breathing so that the elements inside can have the due impact that they are requiring
10- picture
why cutting the picture? i do not get it . u should adapt it to the shape under …
11- dividers
they are very massive , these sorts of elements should be much more subtle , they should be also thinner so that they do not take a subsequent space on the canvas , especially in case the potential buyer has much to insert in the cv in terms of experience and so on , this will free u some space , help to have more breathing not to lose some valuable space out of giving too much space to kind of “ornaments”
12- cliparts
the simple introduction of this type of elements immediately propels you into amateur style , either u opt for for professional icons and or clean andprofesisonal illustrations - if your target is “illustrators” - or u simply get rid of these drawing that bring your item to look outdated
13- symmetry
i think that would be a good idea to bring symmetry to the table here as far as the header and footer are concerned … why having a blue stripe up there and nothing down there ? this is making very little sense, even if having the concerned style basically brings nothing more to the table in terms of graphic design, let’s face it …

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I must appreciate all contributions, but I would be more happy if you can give me a summary (By point to point of what I can do to update the design to meet the requirement). Once again I am very grateful

LOL u have detailed point by point with header for all points, what u want next?

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I’d add that -

A) there’s no point by point list to given when everything needs complete overhaul

B) with respect when people want lists of things to resolve, that tends to highlight inexperience. Professional design (or coding etc) is not above a shopping list of individual actions. It is necessary to understand the rules and theory behind decisions such as choosing the right typography or spacing elements correctly on a page.

C) again without meaning to be harsh - if you can’t see the problems there and felt that this was at a suitable standard, then that is a problem, and I struggle to believe that you would find it easy to accurately execute advice anyone offered.

Your best option remains taking (significant) time refining your skills and gaining practical experience (there are thousands of free and premium courses online/YouTube etc).


I think if you are diplomatic enough, you are supposed to understand my question, but never mind we are not here to quarrel or much grammar. Anyway thank you so much for your help advice

Noted with thanks

I am new here, and I want to understand what is going on here, I think I didn’t do bad by that.

I need some one who is more diplomatic and friendly to answer my questions. Please :pray:

You won’t find anyone more friendly than @n2n44 who spent probably half an hour or more of his time to write you this huge extensive post with all this valuable information above.

Asking for more is pure greed and not very friendly by yourself.

I’d just tell you your design is ugly and you need to learn some basics and then some to be able to earn money here. If you want to sell here you need to bring some skills, if you want anyone to do the work for you then that person should get all earnings from that item as well and be paid by you for his time.

I guess I’m just not friendly and diplomatic enough :slight_smile:


I love what you said.

I equally appreciated him before. If I eventually get it right, I will return the favour as a token of my appreciation to everyone who contributed one way or the other, all I am asking is this forum represent one big family of professional talented creative designers and I am so much glad to be among. So if you have the easiest way to assist me, I will love it

hi no one is asking anything from u but maybe a bit respect or understanding that things are done to help nothing else. we indeed have different styles here depending of who u are dealing with, i personally try to take some time to make sure to underline point by point what u may have done not well enough at this stage. My style is a “developed one” i am sorry if this is not what u are expecting for but this is the way i am and the way i do , u have very good helpers here … @DesignSomething and @charlie4282 who will be providing u with very concise and straight to the point but sharp analysis of items, the way i think that i bring something different and thus maybe i am a bit useful is by developing so that i try to make sure that people understand “beyond theory”