My Item With 1000 Presets Rejected! Why?

Please let me know why this huge and useful package is rejected? we buy the music and we works 2 months on this project and you easily say the item rejected? can anyone say why the item rejected? and what can I do to accept this item?

No one has any answer what to give?
Because my project has no problems and you have rejected my project for personal judgment. Maybe you liked my idea and would you like to do it yourself sooner? Otherwise, this project will be excellent. We created the best animations in the frame by frame. If you refuse this project, can you make it yourself? Can you make a plugin for Premiere at all? I do not think so. I will edit the project and send it again. Please do not judge Thanks

I think everything will be fine by changing the video. Although this is a tool, not a slideshow.
I hope you understand the difference between these two. You can see Mr. Horse’s project then judge. We spent two months building this project and planned it a lot. But even one in one of you is not responsible for why the project was really rejected. We created a wonderful tool for the primer. In fact, only two tools have already been made for Premiere. One by Pixflow in the name of Motion Factory and one by our team.
I used to work at the Pixflow before. But it was enough to send this project with the name of the Pixflow , then you would accept the blindfold. really why?
Okay, I’ll make another animation with this great tool. But nobody answered me because you do not really have an answer.

Calm down man. Your preview video shows almoust nothing, it looks more like video tutorial.
And only in the end you show few examples of presets.
What do you expect? Before getting an answer you should actually show what you got.

Ok you right. But the MisterHorse Motion Presets just shows the tutorial. And its sales more than 100 times in the weeks. is it right? I think the buyers need to know what is this tools. But no problems, I make some excellent animations and then show the tutorial. is it good?

I’m not a judge, not a reviewer. I’m a simple author. So I can’t tell you for sure, it will be enough or not.
But making good presentation definitely will help.
Then, if you so often refer to another authors, why should anybody pay attention to your item, if there are already several. Do you try to copy them? It’s forbidden.
Also, from my point of view, you should pay more attention to the animation and design of your elements. IMHO they have not enough quality for Videohive. I would suggest you to start with something more smaller, not with the pack of 1000 presets, and pay more attention to quality, not quantity.

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it is not copy. my item is for premiere pro and the other items just for Aftereffects. I made all animations frame by frame and they used the expersion code. other authors just have a presets. but I have presets with extension preset viewer for premiere. I have 50 Sound FX. 300 Icons and 500 animations. do you see our animations for presets? do you want to test it? please send email to me I give you my project for test and you give me a feedback.