My item was soft rejected then hard rejected

My item was twice soft rejected and when i solved the issues mentioned by envato then it was hard rejected. Kindly help me out how can i resubmit again please.

Here are credentials

If you were soft rejected twice and then hard rejected that will mean the reviewers simply didn’t think you could get it right and didn’t want to waste any more time. However, once you’ve had a hard reject it could be very diffficult to get the script approved anymore.

What were your soft reject reasons?
Did you fix them before resubmitted?

Reviewer’s follow standard rules.
Your application must be well tested,
Application loading speed. Please add valid demo data. Documentation and installation procedure. All things are matters.

yes i fixed them but it was due to cache files so at my end cache was cleared but at envato side, their was old JS file in cache so thats why they reject it. because that issue was still the same…

You can resend as new plugin with new title or describe this for reviewer.


Yes i will change layout and name as well.
What about the reviewer you talking about?


This item seems to be using the Metronic admin template (maybe unlicensed?). You also kept the same favicon:

You cannot use an admin template from themeforest without a valid permission from the author.

I have purchased this Theme.

I do have a license. I have purchased.

Make sure u make the changes they have mentioned to u and it’s better to mention all improvements u have done in the comment box for the reviewer…cause every time u sent ur item passed on defferent reviewer.
Note: Make sure u sent your item after soft rejection by the link they add it to u in the soft rejection message.

A license alone is not enough -

You need explicit permission from the original author to use it in your item (and potentially some form of compensation), and they should have submitted a ticket to approve this so that you can include the ticket ID in your submission as evidence

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