My item was rejected, Is this because of the black background?

Hi Everyone,
My item (Black Portfolio) was rejected, Is this because of the black background?
Does this create a problem with printing?

Thanks for your help!

hi , no! lol this is because of what u put on top of it lol more seriously , thestyle is globally a bit simple and minimalistic all the same and one may wander if this is really worth the drive and making them really save time to buy an item with a very light graphic design like this inside as the whole graphic design consists of pictures that will not be included and of texts or occasionally small lines … let’s face it, in my view, if u have just a correct knowledge of tools, then u can simply redo the things maybe in less than a hour, which will considerably decrease the commercial potential of the item, of course … not to mention that , even like this the thing is not perfect. The fact of the matter is that u have a modern minimalistic style in one side and have main titles looking sort of retro style, super bold and everything and completely contrasting in terms of style with the guidelines of this design. In addition, a good deal of texts re not really outstanding to say the least and some texts even , due to their color, fail to contrast really sufficiently with the background to that they are in keeping with what can be expected in terms of hierarchy of information and readability. U also have combinations of block of texts being only flagged in the left and “regular block of text” being aligned in both sides , which is looking strange and not super coherent , too. Hard to figure out why some titles are being disconnected from the content, too, like what happens for the light double page indeed. Finally to finish answering your question, i do not see black in the preview but rather a dark grey which is a way better idea, if ask me, as introducing really black color in the back will definitely make the presentation look dark and probably rather dull indeed …