My item was rejected. I'm clueless and need feedback.

It was my first item that was rejected. The email I have received didn’t said any specific reason of rejection. Here’s the email I have received:

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Swift POS with Inventory” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

The item I uploaded is POS with Inventory System that is .NET C# based desktop application. These are the features and screenshots of the system. I need feedback why my Item was rejected.

Images Preview:


POS (Point Of Sale)

  • Search product and add to the cart
  • Manage quantity
  • Out of stocks alert
  • Void/remove product in the cart
  • Discount
  • Payment
  • Cancel current transaction


  • Products (add, update, view, search, deactivate, activate, delete)
  • Print products
  • Stocks (add, update, search, delete)
  • Stocks quantity alert
  • Print stocks

Sales and profit report

  • Sales and profit report (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, by dates)
  • Products sales and profit report (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, by dates)
  • Cancel transaction
  • Print report

History log

  • Products log (search, delete)
  • Stocks log (search, delete)
  • Users time in and timeout log (search, delete)
  • Users informations log (search, delete)
  • Transactions log (search, search by dates, (sort by all, completed, or cancelled transactions))
  • Transactions cancelled log (search)
  • System settings log (search, delete)


  • Users (add, update, view, search, deactivate, activate, delete)
  • There have two user roles, the “admin” and “employee”. Admin has access to all modules while the employee is restricted to POS module only.


  • Backup database (choose folder location and custom file name)


  • Manage system information (name, address, contact, email, value added tax (VAT), and stocks alert quantity)

I think you need to improve on the design. The functionality might be good, but the design (UI) also has to be good. One solution could be to hire the services of a designer, to apply some css changes etc, to improve the colors, fonts, tables etc