My item was rejected.I need feedback

Hello everyone! Can you give me some feedback on this track? i realy want to improve my next works.
Thank you

Hello! Hear how similar tracks sound. Search for audiojungle “Melancholic Piano”. And everything will immediately become clear.

  1. The piano should be deeper in the mix.
  2. Reverb. You don’t have it.
  3. A bit of development. Everything is smooth with you. You can add violins and diversify a little with dynamics, tempo and melody.
    Equalization and overall sound using a reference track is not difficult to do.
    This will already be enough for the reception of the track.
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Thank you for such detailed advices.I will try to apply it all next time.

and a little bit stereo delay, just my taste. BTW i love your composition personally, it’s really beautiful. good work!

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Thanks for kind words! i’ll work with delay

your welcome Daniil, good luck!

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