My item was rejected. Help me to understand why?

Hello, my music has been rejected. Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer: This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle.Tell me what I’m doing wrong detective_prev.mp3 - Google Drive

Hi, welcome to the forum. I like a lot of things about your tune! I haven’t submitted anything like this, and I have a far-from-perfect record for rejections myself, but some thoughts:

  • bass trombone/tuba at 0:16 sounds a bit loud, and notes are a bit long and orchestral-sounding for my taste - I’d choose something shorter and punchier

  • the mixture of C minor (in general) and C major on those pizz strings sounds cool in itself, but is maybe dissonant in the wrong way here. For a spy/detective-type thing, I’d maybe be looking for surprising, jumpy dissonant chords, but the way this major chord loops in a predictable pattern doesn’t have this effect, and I’d either change it to a C minor (or perhaps something more extremely dissonant that happens less often).

  • In general this is an orchestral sound palette - nothing wrong with that, but jazzier sounds would be more typical if you’re going for a pastiche of Pink Panther etc. The oboe, in particular, isn’t working for me. Perhaps it’s the reverb or something, but it doesn’t feel immediate and punchy like a big band.

  • The piano at 1:12 doesn’t feel like a tight groove - and for this type of music I think it needs a tight, precise swing. It kind of moves between a dotted rhythm/triplets/5 against 4 - both would be fine probably, but it feels kind of shaky to me. (Don’t get me wrong, a lot of my submissions have shaky playing, but I think this kind of music has to be pretty tight).

Just my two cents - I’m sure some of the more experienced members on here would have a better-informed answer. It could also be that all the above things are fine, they just don’t need any more tunes in this style at the moment. Best of luck with future submissions!

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Thank you! It’s just a shame that such efforts are rejected (