My item was hard rejected. Please give me some tips.

Hii my item Seed - Coming Soon Template was hard rejected. Demo:

The item was priced at $8. I wanted to submit a very minimal design. Please give me suggestions.

My friend TF is already saturated with such items no matter what price you set. Formula is simple, bring some thing unique, new which provides quality to clients. Definately, no item is being accepted which is as simple as yours. Don’t mind my words but reality is that envato needs some thing unique now … thanks and best of luck


I won’t repeat what @galaxy-theme already said, which is what I also think. However, I’ll add to that even your one page template doesn’t fit into ThemeForest standards such as typographic and visual hierarchy or spacing and alignment. Also, nowadays, no one would spend $8.00 on a single page like that one when you get more than 100 demo pages for $20.00. It has to be really amazing and exceptional, which is not the case. Keep working hard, you’ll get to it. Good luck.