My Item Vector get rejected. Do you know why?

What problem in my item? Please give me some advice

It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t look of a sufficiently high standard to get approved. There are some perspective issues and everything just looks a bit too grey. Or ‘gray’, if you’re from that part of the world.

Thank you for your reply. Can I resubmit again?

If you make considerable improvements.

Do you think the problem is only color?

And the perspective. The cup at the back is bigger than the cup at the front, and it looks like it’s resting on the back lip of the tray. Those are reasons that it won’t get accepted… but if you fix them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get accepted.

If you search for teapot in the vectors section, you’ll see that there’s some pretty high quality items in there… so yours needs to be of a similar or higher quality to get accepted.

Thanks for you advice.

Thế nên kinh nghiệm trước khi làm một sản phẩm nào đó là nên search kĩ những sản phẩm đã được duyệt giống vậy trên graphicriver trước để rút kinh nghiệm. Như vậy sẽ dễ được duyệt hơn.

Chúc bro sớm bán được hàng!

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