My Item (UI app design) themeforest keeps on been rejected with no reason why

This is the 3rd time my item has been rejected with no reason why. i have followed all community standards. waited for the almost 8 days while my item is on queue just to find out it would be rejected with no reason why so i can work on that. I have noticed this and its for the 3rd time now.
[Screenshots here] (Wepay - Google Drive)


You should note that the review team is not here to teach you about design.

If what you want is to learn through the review process, I think you are in the wrong place. I suggest you look for a mentor or intensive courses where you will have personalized learning.

Now your project is very simple, it still does not have the minimum quality to be accepted, you must bear in mind that the quality requirements are constantly increasing. And to maintain that level you must be in constant learning.

Good luck on your next project


Wepay is a company, so you shouldn’t name items by trademarks, brands or similar. Hope it helps.

Thanks i appreciate your comments and suggestions.