My item Soft Rejected

I released all access, and now I received Hard Rejected, would you like to know why?

in your emil reviewer have mentined why rejected. I think they mentioned rejected because of quality standard mean your item don’t qualify the envato market standard.

Said that he doesn’t follow the quality standard, what would that be? It certainly wasn’t Design, otherwise they wouldn’t have asked for full access to the system.

I’m thinking that it can be for example a tag that blocks or accesses for those who don’t use javascript for example.

it can be lack of coding standard, premuim features, asthetic design, commercial values … etc.

Didn’t you see what it could be? since they don’t say anything.

Someone please give me an answer.

can css and js files be minified?

your item main files can’t be minified because in that case customer will not be able to customize. but 3rd party plugin scripts can be minified as like bootstrap, fontawesome …

Thank you!