My Item Rejected

I have submitted this awesome love calculation plugin, not sure why this was rejected

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I am not expert to codecanyon, maybe input from “test calculations” not it working click input.

home “Test calculations” we need working click input because buyer need it but not other page or if you don’t want will at show code than you can save screen for video.

do you understand me?

I think I am not following can you be specific?

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good as your wish, you can see other item codecanyon example approved. Find out why you rejected

The styling could be tighter on the Flames one

The Prank one is not loading in Chrome

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Beside there’re few/some free ones I knew, the target is not really wide as being sold as “template” along with the “design” issues. While the rest of the templates were selling 100 copies, you’d hardly get 5.

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