My Item Rejected second time, Without specifying any reasons. What should i do to get approval.

Hi everyone,
My Item Rejected second time, Without specifying any reasons.
“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Invento - Inventory Billing Software with GST Ready” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.

Item/Project Name: Invento - Inventory Billing Software with GST Ready
Demo Link:

username: admin
Password: admin123

Documentation Link:

Installation Link:

Please help me What can i do to get approval!
Thank you

“Without specifying any reasons”???
Here’s the reason: “it isn’t at the quality standard required”

This is a general reason. Why does not the reason for the product fail?
We are very confused with this message.
For God’s sake, why not send even a very small reason ?

Thanks for the replay

To maintain quality i have used below points

  1. Software development Framework Codeigniter.

  2. Protected from cross site scripting and Sql injection.

  3. Made good documentation.

Because it can give false hope. And when the author fixes all the mistakes pointed to by the reviewer and the item will still not be accepted, the author will start to indignant: “Why was my item not accepted? I did everything as the reviewer said.” This is an eternal dispute here on the forums. Reviewers can not (and are not obliged) to explain to everyone what mistakes he has made. This is very difficult.

Think for a minute,

Your product has been rejected more than 20 times in up to 7 months.

what are you doing ?
How do you feel about envato ?

In my experience, this company not only does not care about volunteers, but does not even care about their work!
Everything that it has today is from other people.
They have reached a point that they can not even provide a 5-word for the reason for the user product.

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I understand that this is disappointing, but … as I said, Envato is not obligated to train anyone. Authors should come to the market as already formed professionals. If the reviewer sees that you can change something, you get a soft reject (“provide 5 words”, as you said). If the reviewer sees that your item is not good enough for the market, you don’t get 5 words. It works like this. If you still want to join the game, the only way out is to ask advice from other authors, or explore the market yourself, explore what’s in trend today, what’s is popular today… etc

thanks @romlam
In any case,
All things must pass.

Honesty is the best policy.

Usually it doesn’t happens and regarding the issues for rejection Envato team do always specify. Please check it out what’s the reason specified.

Please See my image.
with a simple sentence “unfortunately we found…” . I’ve lost my days and nights.
also, the point here is that I can not share my product demos in this forum, because my product build with a new idea (in the Issue).