my item rejected please feddback

This item was submitted and was rejected. Can you help me improve performance?

Hi @amar_murtada

it’s too basic but I am not expert in graphicriver, I would author @n2n44 he is graphic designer more 17 years old experience, I hope he will help you will approved graphicriver.



hi this has been rejected because of th global style of the card , the fact hat this is not completely arranged very professionally and that there is basically a very low commercial potential to this item. Well let me explain a bit farther. The global style basically has close to no graphic design in it but the small icons and the logo which is meant to be replaced … the item, as such can very easily be redone and why would people buy an item when they would not even save time out of buying, as they could redo it quickly - it would not take so much skills and someone simply knowing how to use to photoshop tools can to it easily and without taking much time - and make sure that they save money in the process …
apart from having quite a simple global style no real originality whatsoever , the card it nos perfectly arranged either. It would take more space between left and top margin and the logo so that the logo is valued, breathing , looks good and is underlined for branding matters
the block of data is too close from the right margin and the spacing between lines of data is too big so that the different pieces of information look a bit disconnected from each other
the typo is clean but also flat , u have at the moment close to no variation and font combinations and there is no real hierarchy on the getting out of it …
the text part in the fake logo not really imbricating well and not really aesthetic and proportioned properly
the logo side of the card is really way too empty , only the logo taken out , there are only two small white triangles and a plain color background , so there is basically nothing at all out there until u can wander what is the point to have a 2-sided card rather than 1-side card