My item rejected from Themeforest - Need Your Help!

Hello there,
I did upload an item to ThemeForest but my item is rejected. What is the problem with the item? i don’t understand. Can anyone please give me some feedback about why it didn’t got approved.

It’s actually pretty good - your issue is this resume/personal site category is so over saturated.

Also don’t have blogs with no post page - feels unfinished

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Thank u for your time to replay bro i will work on a different category and try my best in the next one :slight_smile:
Best Regards

Complete the outdated UI. I suggest that you put in more effort to ensure approval and deliver high-quality work, as it is crucial. Additionally, I recommend checking recent or trending design concepts for inspiration. Please note that the current design concept outdated, so it’s important to check the new design trends for fresh ideas and innovations.

The WHAT I DO? icons do not follow the same design line, you should check the design of that section. As they told you above, the design of the internal page of the blog is missing. Your option-box also does not follow the design line of your template. I would remove the change of the courses when hovering over the button to close the lightbox. Add a favicon and set up a dark version. To .resume .resu-c I would give a margin-bottom: 30px; and the titles with solid color, leaving the icons as they are.